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Range Rover / Land Rover Discovery Thefts

Nottinghamshire Police have seen a recent increase in the thefts of Range Rovers / Land Rover Discovery in the Bassetlaw area. Each incident is being investigated, but you can take measures to make your vehicle more secure, whether it is this type of vehicle or not. 

Thieves are often able to get in to your car without a key, due to keyless entry technology issues. To safeguard against this, you can buy a signal blocking car key pouch (Retail at around £9). Nottinghamshire Police do also have a limited supply from a previous initiative, so if you would like one of these then please attend Worksop Police Station Front Counter where one could be given to you if there is supply. It is also helpful to not leave your car keys near entrances/exits to your house, such as your front door, as keeping them close to your door means the key signal is stronger for the thieves. 

Please consider spreading this message to those who are not signed up to this alert system who you feel may benefit from this message.

Thank you. 

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Chris Brakell
(Nottinghamshire Police, Sgt, Worksop NPT North)

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