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PCSO 8254 Richard Dunn - PC 2548 Deborah Bakin.

We as a local Beat Team are still receiving calls to our works mobiles regarding incidents that have occurred days or even weeks earlier, it is very difficult to investigate incidents that are not reported to 101 or 999 immediately.

If you feel the need to contact the Police it should always be on the 101 or 999 number, depending how serious the incident is. We have no problem in residents calling our works mobile, but we do have days off so its possible your message would be answered for 3 days, so i'm sure you understand that if a crime or suspicious incident is happening at that time, your first call should be either 101 or 999, you can then call us if needed and if we are on shift we will attend if possible, thanks.

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Richard Dunn
(Nottinghamshire Police, PCSO, Southwell)

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